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June 03, 2010


Terri M

You Have got to be kidding me, Kerri what the heck is up with this ... I am not liking this at all... Hugs To You


Seriously Kerri, that is Silhouette's HUGE loss. No doubt that with your amazing talent, another door will open soon!


Wow, total out-of-the-blue shocker. But that is life. You have done a great job. Thanks for sharing and giving so much of yourself. It is really tough to swallow this one but totally wish you the best. I would assume we will still see your awesome creativity as you hopefully continue sharing your use of Silhouette on your blog on your pages. Thanks again.


What a shock! You're an amazing person and it is definitely their loss!! Good luck in whatever life brings next for you.


Stunned! I can't believe what I just read. I have loved following your blog. I love what you do with the Silhouette and love your tutorials. You seriously rock! Not sure what is going on...not liking it, but hope that you will have another door open that is exactly perfect for you.

Amy V.

That was a surprise! You are uber talented and will find a niche perfect just for you. Hoping you are just taking a deep breath, and enjoying all the blessings you have in life.

And hey, I've been dreaming of a Graphically Speaking sequel. Just saying.... ;o)

Janet Meyerhoffer

What the heck! I'm taking my back! What an amazing and talented person they are losing. I'm sure there is so many new doors that will open. Best of luck, Kerri. You are the greatest!!!!

Issy Finlay

I can't believe it! For the last three days, I've missed your comments on the Silhouette blog...No Monday cafe, then a rubbish entry on Tuesday and then again today...so I thought that you were on holiday. But no! Disaster! No Silhouette inspiration from you anymore! - I'm gutted! I'll miss your silouhette inspiration Kerri! I really don't know what Silhouette are thinking about here... cos you ARE silhouette!
All the best for you in the future. Hugs

Kathy Humphrey

I, too, am literally shocked! You are the heart of the Silhouette blog. I don't know what is happening but I'm not happy. You are the "pep and inspiration" I need to find out what other great things my Silhouette does. Will someone just wake me up?! I'm having a nightmare!!!!!!!!!

Marci Leishman

Huh??? What the heck? I am stunned. You are too fabulously talented, I'm sure you will be snatched up by some great company before you know it. It seems like when doors close for you, you find a way to fling open an even better one. Love you, girl!


God takes care of His own, girl. Keep your chin up and the ideas swirling in your head!!! Your bloggers love you too!!!

Cori in wa

What Amy V. said. Really. I've dremed of and longed for a sequel to Graphically Speaking. There is need. There is demand. There is desire. Go forth and conquer and create!!!


Wow, I never commented much on the sil blog, but I LOVE your work! I have no idea what's going on, but it makes me question buying a sil now.

Amanda Butt

Um....your the whole reason I bought a silhouette!!!

Lydia W

I can't believe I read that, somebody kick me.Not much reason for me to visit the SIL blog anymore . I always enjoyed your blogging there. So sorry to hear U are gone. All the best to you and may God have something special waiting for you in the near future.

krafting kelly

Wow. I just read this post. The Silhouette blog has been my absolute favorite blog to follow (the only one I checked EVERY day). I'm sorry to hear you won't be with Silhouette anymore. But you are so talented; you will find a great new fit soon. I hope you stay positive and enjoy your summer with your family!

Annie M.

I just realized that you're no longer with Silhouette and not just on vacation and I'm SHOCKED (and bummed beyond belief)! I loved your posts on the Silhouette blog, not to mention your incredible talent and inspiring ideas/tutorials. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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