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June 18, 2010


Amy V.

OMG!!! Kerri, I almost died when I read your post. As I was reading about Kassidy's bruise on her shin I had deja-vu. I had erythema nodosum my senior year of H.S. Started off the same way...big unexplained bruise on one of my shins. Dr. was sure I'd just "forgotten" running into something. Few weeks later we're back at the Dr. with them on both shins. Ended up at the dermatologist for treatment. Interesting that they think it is related to strep, they had a different explanation for me. This was a while ago, 1991, so I'm sure they know more about it now than then. But wow, I've never heard of anyone else having it! My thoughts go out to both the girls as they are recovering. :) And hey...can I get one of those milkshakes too?

Kerri Bradford

Amy, that is really weird! It's funny how you never hear of something like this and then you turn around and find out there's someone else that's experienced it! I told Kass about you having it...I think she felt good to know that someone else has had this. I almost feel like calling my doctor just to let him know what it was. It's such a bizarre thing. Thanks for sharing that. :)

Janet Meyerhoffer

Sounds like you have been busy at your house. I hope the girls are getting along ok. Hey, just got back from D.C. a couple of days ago. Such a great place! I saw some missionaries in the Rosslyn area. I thought of Zach. :) Does that area cover his mission? I don't know how he handles the heat and humidity. It was in the 90's with 100% humidity and I about died! Spent several days in D.C., Baltimore, Gettysburg, and West Virginia. Love it!

Kerri Bradford

Oh...so jealous you went to DC Miss Janet! Zach's actually in the DC North mission so he's on the Maryland side...right now in the Chevy Chase area. And yeah, after growing up in the dry heat, I can't imagine he likes the humidity too much. lol Although, he has been there for over a year now, so he should be getting used to it.

Amy V.

Tell Kassidy I'm thinking of her. I spent a lot of time with my legs elevated (had it on both legs pretty bad). But mine was attributed to an allergic reaction to a med I was taking. I can't wait to tell my mom about it being related to strep. I don't remember if I had strep around that same time or not? I will say that when I report it on my medical history, most people don't have a clue what it is.

Janet, I bet we crossed paths. My husband and I just got back from DC Monday evening (it was our 15th anniversary trip). I too was keeping my eyes peeled for some missionaries, but didn't see any. And oh my gosh was it HOT!!! It was my first trip to DC and as far as cities go, I was very impressed - it was VERY clean and I felt very safe!

My mom lived in Chevy Chase in the 60's while going to nursing school. Our hotel was right by the LDS church in Camp Springs, MD. And the temple looks really pretty from the interstate - it must be right in Chevy Chase.

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