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June 11, 2010



very good - I recently went to work full time after my husband lost his job, and I miss my part time job ... I did things like go shopping and exercise and clean a bit, made dinner, did laundry, made lunches ..... now it is all so hectic - I actually miss being home for the kids and cooking!

Lana D

My house would be clean again - my craft room would be accessible again - right now I can't get much past the door! Dinner would be ready when my husband got home from work - well maybe thought about at least.

Andrea J

What would I do.....I would of course scrapbook, pull weeds, cook/bake more AND take naps!!

Andrea J

Julie, momto7

I would read lots of books, play lots of computer games and maybe scrapbook a bit too. Thanks for the giveaway!

Melanie but you can call me Mel

Ooooh if I had free time (and the operative word here is if!), I would totally spend it on myself, selfishly. I would go to the gym more often and play a lot more volleyball with my friends.


Glad you are appreciating your time off. Thanks for the giveaway!


Awesome Attitiude! I became unemployed June 4, 2010 at 5:04pm for the record. My top 10 are similiar, yet I am still in the panic state. #1 reason for me: to spend more time with the family especially the grandkids! Organize and clean my home for a new chapter in our lives.

Laura Stewart

clean more and make stuff


I cut back my work schedule this summer so we are spending an awful lot of time just hanging out at the pool. It has been so nice to just let the kids play with their friends all day.

cori in wa

Lord knows, I DO NOT need more alphabet soup but I have to confess, I would almost KILL to be able to do reason #2... I would absolutely love nothing more than to be able to do lunch with you and Kristy. Preferably al fresco on a warm, sunny day :) Oh, and the home with the girls for the summer thing? My 19 and 17 year olds fight WAY too often to make that an enjoyable objective.

Hey, thought of another reason... you'll have time to sign up for facebook :)

Joyce Goettler

Free time? WOW - I would love to be able to organize all the kits and scrapbooking supplies I've been accumulating over the years ... plus organize the rest of my house. Can't even walk in my spare room!!!

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

I have to give you kudos for looking at your situation with a positive eye. It's not aways the easiest thing to do. On top of that, you're being generous with your toys! Got to be some karmic payback for you there...

Sandy S

Free time. What I should do is work on losing that weight that I keep ignoring. What I do instead is avoid doing what I should be doing. Sometimes I go into my craft room but I can't do anything because I sit there and think you have eighteen thousand other things you should be doing so get up! I really am good at wasting my free time.


I love to scrapbook in my free time.

Great job keeping positive & finding the bright side to a bad situation. Hope you are able to find a job really soon


Just had a few days of free time with the hubby and kids. We stayed at a hotel with an attached Waterpark, went to the Zoo, the Children's Museum, and had LOTS OF FUN just being TOGETHER :) Now I need your wonderful goodies to help create with the 250 pictures we took!

Susan C./Colorado

Swimming, golf & softball. Between the kids and their sports this summer I would love to spend some of my free time...when I am not in the car or at a sporting event...getting caught up on my scapbooking! My craft room is lonely and caling my name...I need to scrap :) The positive side is that I am taking many, many photos so I will have plenty to scrapbook.

Kim R

I like to think I would clean and organize my office, but I'd probably end up reading a book or passing time on Facebook!

Tracey Fears

Way to be positive. I love that. You really can find a positive in almost anything if you are just willing to look. Yeah, you!!!

Tammy Perkins

Love to organize - I organize my organizers! thanks for the chance!


Organizing my office would be a great start followed by messing it up again with some new projects!!

Diana A in Omaha, NE

I have a whole list ranging from sewing to crafts, reading, scrapping, baking or just being lazy...
hang in there!!
thanks for the chance to win.

Andrea C. in IL

I teach so my summers are my free time. I spend MOST of my time making it the best it can be for my kids. Other than that, I organize my summer away. Organize the basement and every closet. Then when we all go back to school everything can just get thrown again :)


I am a teacher so this is my summer vacation. I love sitting in my scrapbook room and trying to find inspiration to put into a scrapbook page or card. I check out lots of blogs connected with the scrapbooking world and hear the gears clicking in my head. I love having time to do nothing but think.

Ruth Ann Smith

I have a week vacation in July and I hope to get a lot of scrapbooking caught up and some card making. Remember these but never got them. Sure miss the shows on QVC.


My #1 would be spending time with my kids!!!! Love the LAZY summer days. Total random things everyday. Exploring the local area and the many things in my own backyard we never take the time to explore!!!

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