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June 04, 2010



You amaze me, my friend!!


A while back you posted a photo session you did in Utah at an old gas station. I will be in Utah next week and would love to do my own photo shoot at the same spot. Could you share the location? Thanks so much and I appreciate all that you share on your blog! :)


You are an amazing woman and have amazing friends, family and supporters (us) and know that there is a plan for you. God Bless you and know that you stand proud and have so much to offer that you will be swept up by another company immediately!

Great Graduation pictures!


I am so bummed that you are not with Silhouette anymore. You are amazing and I have loved all of your contributions! You will be very missed!


I just wanted to say I love you Kerri Bradford. Even though we don't know each other it is amazing how much you get to know someone and their family through a blog and you feel like you could be great friends. I know your life is certainly not over just like you said a new door. How exciting is that!!!?? You are a great and talented person. Carry on! I will still look forward to your blog. Enjoy time with your family for sure! Just felt like saying all that....

Cori in wa

Wow. Just wow. I know that whatever the future holds it will be a good thing. Or good things. And hey, maybe you could play with your Cricut again too :) Hugs to you my friend.

Lydia W

Hugs to you my friend.You will be missed very much!!

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