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June 23, 2010



I wish I were at a beach with white sand, blue water and no tar...:(

Michelle (from KY)

Oh man, so many places...anywhere in Europe. Italy, back to London, Paris...Ireland would also be great!

A girl can dream, right?

Julie Rogge

I'd love to go back to Italy also someday...would also like to visit Paris. In real-life, I'd like to take a trip to the San Juan Islands (and certainly will, probably several times this summer).

Janet Meyerhoffer

Would love to go to the Seychelles. That would be a place to take beautiful pictures. On my list of places to see in my lifetime.. In Denver right now watching some Red Sox/Rockies games. Go Boston!

Kathy H

Where do I want to go? I'd love to go back to Majorca and see the house we lived in for 3 years while my dad was stationed there (Airforce). I loved swimming in the Mediterranean, how crystal clear it is and I love Spanish food!! Yep, a trip to Majorca would be great right about now.:)

Amy V.

I would love to go to Italy.

But I would also love to take my kids to the beach (tar-free, just like Kat said).

jennifer mcguire

i wanna be back in italy too.
wanna plan a trip? :)


Jennifer girl...do not even TEMPT me! :)

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