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April 16, 2010



yipee!!! :) NO, you aren't vintage--your seasoned like those tasty fries at Red Robin....I could go for some of those right now! :)


Well, good! I like seasoned fries...dipped in Ranch. Forget the ketchup! :)

you're too funny.

Janet Meyerhoffer

Watched the webshow on Wednesday. Learned some things but it was kinda hard to see what was going on completely. (Can't you just come to my house and teach me?) I found a frame almost identical to the one you showed on the webshow. Your's is so dang cute. I love old jewelry too. Just inspired me to go look in my jewelry box from high school...a good 30 years ago.


I need to be good like that while paying off stupid debt. (Dillards is my pimp...ha)

No, we're not vintage. We're like fine wine. But Baptists and Mormons aren't supposed to drink wine are we? So I guess "seasoned fries" is more like it!

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