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April 02, 2010


Jen Gallacher

Spring Break for us as well next week and I'm with you . . . CLEANING!! :)


I recently painted my youngest sons room(hopefully just the first room of the rest of the house) and I love going in there and just hanging out. It's so fresh and colouful and has a lovely feel to it. I guess the same feeling of a freshly cleaned room, new and full of possibility.


Feel the same Kerri, nothing like coming into a clean, fresh scrubbed house!!


My house needs a good spring cleaning too. Gives you the "blahs" when it's cluttered. Have fun!!!


Are you sure you wrote this blog???? :) I had Friday off also so I started early in the morning dragging things out and sorting. Haven't decided if I'll have a garage sale or just donate to charity. Ill have to see once I've gone through everything. Good luck!!

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