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April 21, 2010


Amy V.

WOW! Cute kitty. Best of luck with the new pet ownership. Wish you lived closer, I'd give you all my cat stuff. We tried to rescue a cat last year and unfortunately it did not work out. Despite the rescue ladies promise, the cat was not kid friendly, so we had to return her to the rescue. I've got all the cat gear in my shed, waiting to give it away to someone.

Enjoy him/her/it? Pet ownership can be lots of fun!

PS..Do you use Photoshop Elements?

Michelle (from KY)

Same thing happened to me. I found my furry friend under a car the night before I was moving to a new place. So I took him in for 'the night' and then I would take him to the Humane Society in the morning. Well, then when I went to bed, my friend curled up next to me, and well.....eight years later we are still together!!

Keep him/her. You won't be sorry!


Scoopable cat litter...the key to happiness...and cleaning it every couple of days...the key to un-smelly happiness! We love cats! He's a cutie (big feet)! Congrats!

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

Loving the furry babies and the reference to Bugs Bunny, too. I feel that a broad knowledge of all things Bugs Bunny is essential to call oneself educated. Having a sweet kitty to share it with you isn't half bad, either. Best wishes to all of you!!!


You silly woman, you are not a cat owner you are owned by a cat :) I am sadly down to 1 now, but 3 others have been a part of my life as well as our currently Lab Carlton ....Enjoy your kitty.....


I can still remember the day my middle daughter walked through the door with a little ball of fur and looked right at her dad and said "he's mine I'm keeping him your not getting rid of him" and then proceeded to walk to her room. That was almost 14 years ago and we still have Whiskers who thinks he's a dog LOL. Congrats on the new family member and enjoy all the kitty antics.


awww very sweet kitty! I can't wait to see if he/she really ends up living at the farm :D

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