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October 26, 2009



We love taking photos on the front porch (it's not Halloween without that) and then we hit the streets, and our new tradition is to go to the church's Trunk or Treets at the church next door to our house...they always have a great setup with adults in costumes and their trunks are decorated to the hilt...they really get into the holiday, and its such fun for my kids!


My favorite thing to do for Halloween is create a scary themed dinner. One year I did a mummy calzone and graveside cake. My kids won't admit it,but they like it.


Our favorite tradition is the annual pumpkin carving. The girls each get their own pumpkin to carve. It is extreemly fun to see the different pumkins each year. Thanks for sharing!


On Halloween we go to the fall festival at church. This year my husband's band is playing and we're all excited!


Since my neighbor attracts 500 children to our neighborhood with her decorations and taking pics of each one, I hide behind my door and pretend to not be home! I used to love Halloween!!

Kristi Gagon

Each year I invite the cousins over and we make homemade donuts and help the kids carve pumpkins. It is really fun.


Buying too much candy! LOL! Seriously. I do it on purpose every year just so I can have some! I know...it's sad, but it's still my favorite tradition! LOL!


My favorite tradition is going to the pumpkin farm and picking out our pumpkin and coming home and turning it into a jack-o-lantern!

Cynthia B

My fave Halloween tradition has to be making pumpkin bread - and this year, I've discovered chocolate-chip-pumpkin cookies...mmm!
Thanks for the chance to win! My name is Cynthia, and I am a ribbon addict! :)

Robin  W.

What my family loves best is roasting the pumpkins seeds after we've carved the pumpkins. They're so good, especially since we grow our own pumpkins.


My favorite Halloween tradition is the annual party at Grandma and Grandpa's house...the kids love it and so do I!!! :)

Angel S.

We love the Pumpkin Patch! Something about the colors, smells and flavors. Love, Love, Love it! Plus, my oldest son is a red head and he was orn to be in Fall pictures!

Michelle W.

Homemade costumes, every year. Almost always a theme. We've been foods, a pack of (8) crayons, Star Wars characters, Lord of the Rings, characters from the Batman movies, animals...

Cindy C.

I love going to a pumpkin patch and taking pictures of my girls. The colors are so great for a backdrop and most pumpkin patches around here set up some great photo areas!


that is quite a load of ribbon!
For Halloween everything is my favorite. I love fall - so I love going out to take pictures, picking out the pumpkins, putting up the decorations, carving the pumpkins, taking the kids Trick-or-Treating...and then scrapping all of the fun pictures.


We have several like all mentioned above. Another thing we celebrate is that it is my wedding anniversary, it was the only day available when we got married I wanted a fall date, I am huge orange/fall lover.


We plant magic candy corn seeds. The kids tend them in hopes of something sprouting.

And yes... when the small (pie sized) pumpkins appear one morning, it is a glorious day at our house!

karen l

My favorite Halloween tradition is decorating pumpkin cookies with black icing and m&ms. My kids have come up with some crazy designs!!!

Lisa S.

I love to decorate the house for fall, but I'm tiring of the costumes! It's so hard to find the right "parts" in our small town. But I do enjoy hanging out at the Trunk or Treat and passing out tons of candy.

Anne-Liesse Ankeny

Our traditions really revolve around decorations. We have a Halloween miniature table top village/festival, a dancing Snoopy Halloween sign, a Halloween tree hand made by me, and various pumpkins, signs, and spider webs. Really, it's a lot of fun to see everything each year.

Laura Stewart

oh definitely the candy and the caramel apples

heather j.

we grow giant pumpkins every year (this year's is about 260 pounds) and then we get out the rotozip and saw and carve away. The kids love it!

Debbie D

Every year I take lots of pictures of the neighborhood kids trick or treating, the decorations and then I buy way too much Halloween scrapbooking items because they are just too darn hard to pass by in the stores!!


alma rivera

Going to the Haunted Houses around town is always fun...Paying money to get scared :)


My favorite is making apple crisp for my family to eat when they come back from their trick or treating.

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