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September 10, 2009



Hi! I love that commercial with the closet too! Most commercials I just find annoying!

Great print and cuts in the new Silhouette release. Just wondering if there's any possibility of doing the Thanksgiving one with the Canadian date? Please?

Andi Sexton

Hello Kari! Gorgeous rich colors!!!!
Yep, that commercial cracks me up:)

I'll try your challenge... big emphasis on 'try'... You know, a million other things always sneak up!!!

Have a great day!

Andi Sexton

Oh dear! I spelled your name wrong! I know lots of Kari's, Kerri's, Carri's!!!
My deepest apologies!


*giggle* I love that commercial too.
I think those colors would be fabulous on a layout. I'll have to see if I can scrounge up some pictures for the challenge! Hubby will be gone this weekend. I'm off to the CK convention and then it's play time for me!


Have you seen the commercial with Donald Trump and the two Manning brothers (nfl quarterbacks)? I don't even know what the commerical is about, but they looked as if they were being interviewed by Donald across a big desk, when someone looking just like Donald Trump pops out from behind him and it's John Elway. ha. sooooo funny!

Debbie D

My husband and I cracked up the first time we saw that commercial. Who ever came up with that idea is brilliant!

cori in wa

There you go again, enabling. At least I don't have to agonize over purchasing a Silhouette for this one :) Ah, but which shape? The decisions!


Never saw the commercial, but can just imagine. I didn't hear about Domino - what magazines will be left????


I am going to see if I can find the time to get a page done for this challenge.

I love that commercial. Very clever.

Have you seen the commercial with Danica Patric (NASCAR driver)
pulling over to the pit to have her tires changed. Her pit
crew is all men who are dressed in skimpy little skirts, mid-drifts and very high high-heels. They change the tires with
these outfits on. It is hillarious.

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