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July 26, 2009


Melissa H

Hi! I am going to guess Colorado Springs, Colorado. Wherever it is, I wish I was there too! It looks so relaxing...

Janet Meyerhoffer

Not really sure, but it's pretty. I guess maybe Yellowstone or Jackson Hole area. Where ever it is it looks nice and cool!!!


It looks like the waters of Wyoming?
Beautiful where ever it is!
We all need directions to a tranquil place!

Kim Ket.

Looks like you're in the mountains...maybe close by in Utah?


It looks like Yellowstone. Is that Old
Faithful on the Left? Hope you had fun.


Not even going to try and guess. I haven't seen nearly enough of the northwest...but whereever it is looks breath taking

Andi Sexton (rrlscrapgal)

Hello lucky vacation girl!
I was also going to guess Yellowstone because of the color of the water.. Where-ever it is, must have some thermal stuff going on!!!

No vacation here... Stacation... But we did go out to a fab dinner Saturday!!!


Yellowstone Park.


I was gonna guess Colorado Springs but someone already guessed it.

Wish I were there wherever it is!

Rhadonda Sedgwick

My guess would be Yellowstone. Beautiful wherever it is! God's creation is amazing. We vacation the last week in May, camping a week at a local spring fed creek, campfires, swimming, reading, relaxing. Man I am ready to go again! Thanks for your blog, you are first on my list (:

Amanda Butt

I have to guess Yellowstone too! Hope you had fun!


That water definitely looks like Yellowstone National Park to me! Absolutely beautiful photos - enjoy your vacation!


Hot Springs, Arkansas?!


I'm going to guess Mt Ranier, in Washington state. If it's not there, it's Yellowstone. The last picture looks really familiar!


Yosemite???? Have fun!!!!!


Seven Sacred Pools????? Oh to be there!!!!

Heather Ippolito

I'm guessing Zion National Park. I hope wherever it was that you had a great time!!


Steamboat Springs, CO. Looks lovely. Hope it was a great vacation!


I'm going off the wall and guessing somewhere in North Carolina....


Jackson Hole, Wyoming? Looks beautiful.

Julie Trout

I'm going to guess Colorado Springs....was there in January and can't wait to go back!


hot springs, AK


I'm going with Hawaii because that's where I wish I was and the water fall kinda looks like some in Hawaii!

Jackie W.

Well, wherever it is, it looks amazing! I bet that water's cold. I'm guessing Colorado somewhere.


Looks like the mountains in CO (near Telluride maybe?). Wherever it is, your pics are beautiful.

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