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July 09, 2009



Thanks so much for sharing! I was born and raised Catholic, so all of this LDS info is so new to me!I know as much as you miss him you must be so incredibly proud.You've obviously done a wonderful job raising him -I look forward to more updates in the future!


Great to hear up dates on Zach. I know he will do great things while he is away and that will make his homecoming that much sweeter!


Love the update on Zach! I've been wondering how he was doing and anxious to hear of some of his experiences :)


Thank you for sharing what Zach's been doing. My daughter, Jenn, is traveling
all summer with Blue Stars Drum and Bugle
Corp. Her calling is "music". They have
been playing up north so far and are in South Carolina tonight. They will be in
Valdosta, GA tomorrow and we live 90 miles
from there, so are going to see her, can't
wait. It is really hard to have them leave
the nest. I have enjoyed reading your blog
and it helps to read about other mom's having to let their children leave for a while. It really sounds like Zach is getting experiences that he will remember his whole life. My Jenn says she has never worked so hard, but she is having the time
of her life. Keep updating us.


Thanks for sharing. I'm glad to hear he's doing well.


Thank you for sharing with us. I am loving hearing about his adventures

Janet Meyerhoffer

So glad you gave an update on Elder Bradford. It sounds like he is adjusting and loving the work. I wondered if he was anywhere near the Metro train wreck. Scary!! Glad he is safe and happy. I love the missionaries...they're always in our prayers. :) Can't wait to see some pics.


Knowing your child is happy should help you be at peace. And in D.C.!!! What a great place to inhabit for 2 years!!! I would never dream a bunch of people from Ghana would be residing there. How funny!

Did he get to see the fireworks on the 4th? (we saw it on t.v. before going to see our own fireworks here). Pretty awesome display!!!

Thanks for the update--love hearing about his adventures!


I like to read your stories about your family. When you said that your son studied french i thought he was going to come in france for his mission. It might be really difficult for him to understand people from west africa speaking french . Their accent is really hard to understand even for me (french!). I have to focus a lot!! Anyway, he is having a lot of great experiences and i'm happy for him.

Debbie D

While watching the Macy's Fireworks from the New Jersey side of the Hudson River I noticed two missionaries with the family next to us. They had just met at the pier and spent the whole evening laughing and hanging out together. It made me think of your son when I saw them. I'm glad to hear he's doing well.


What a great story! I know I feel better when I here things like that from our missionary son. And it is true that is will go by quickly - we are on the countdown - only 89 days to go (guess I'd better get his room clean!!!! EEEEKKKK).


I lost your blog since your son couldn't leave. So finally found it (7/21) Thanks for updating. Won't loose it again!

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