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June 23, 2009


Karen L

Hanging out with family & friends at the swim club. Some days we'll bring food to cook out and share.


Berry picking and making jams.


Swimming and going to afternoon matinees on
weekends. Just trying to stay cool in Florida. I would love to try those embossing powders, such yummy colors.

Christine (MA)

Favorite part of summer, is the lazy days of summer. No schedules, alarm clocks, deadlines, etc.


Family reunions! We gather together every other year at the shore in N.J. and this is the year! Can hardly wait.


My favorite summer activity is the long days of 'nowhere to go'! I love having unscheduled time. It's the best! No stress!


Give me a beach, a picnic basket, a blanket, some sun and one happy kid playing in the sand and that makes me a very happy girl! I love summer!


Going to the lake an fishing with my boys. 3 boys, 1 hubby, fishing poles and a picnic lunch. I have many pics of these wonderful days. Even though Im the only girl in the group, they always make me welcome on their trips and they always bait my hook and take the fish off for me. LOL

Melanie K.

Wow, those colors are gorgeous! My favorite activity in the summer is ... going barefoot. Yep, nothing outlandish, but feeling cool grass tickling my feet is awesome!

Pat R

Summer in southern Florida is a time for staying cool...whether at the beach or in the air conditioning. These colors are perfect for tropical cards and pages. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea C. in IL

My kids home with me...sleeping as late as we want...fun in the sun with friends...all day scrapfests as the children play with friends.


Wow - I love that page!!! My favorite summer activity is spending time with my family - grilling out and enjoying nature. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Amy V.

So...is the scallop under the ribbon a Silhouette cut too or is it a punch. I really like it! :o)

Hmm...I love summer, it is hard to choose one favorite activity. I guess what I miss most (when it's winter) is the evening walks we take every night as a family, whether it's in the neighborhood at at one of our Metroparks - I miss that most when the weather changes and we can't do it anymore. And of course the sun! In Cleveland the sun almost completely hides for the entire winter - ugh!

K in PA

For me, it's BBQs and eating outdoors in the fresh air. It's all about getting together with friends and hanging out in the good ol' summertime. Nowhere to go, nowhere to be; just sit on the deck with me!


oooh I never tried this ZING and I would looooooove to win these fabulous colors. Thanks for the chance!!!

My favorite summer activity is going to the pool with the whole family. I could do that every day.


My fave summer activity is BBQing with my family and friends.


I love that my kids are out of school!


Love, love, love the bright colors! My favorite summer activity would have to be tubing with the kids on the lake. The laughter is contagious, seeing them having fun. Today I have to have gallbladder surgery, so I'll be remembering fun times at the lake to keep from stressing !! The green embossing powder does bring to mind the gallbladder thing, though.


I can not do anything in less then an hour! Good for you.
My favorite summer time activity is visiting family - things seem to slow down in the summer so there is more time to travel and visit.
Thanks for all the fun and inspiration!


great summer colors and yeah I love the ac too and being able to stay inside in 98 degree weather with a heat index of 105

Chrissy Le

Oh that's a great layout! Our favorite summer activity is visiting Conneaut Amusement Park in western PA. It's where my DH frequent growing up, so are keeping that tradition with our little 3 year old! We try to go at least once a month during the Summer/Fall months, since it opens seasonally.

Kimberly S.

My favorite activity is throwing water balloons at family members with my nephews.

A close second is kayaking on Long Island Sound with my dad.

I love summer!


I love to be outside...doesn't matter what I'm doing [walking, hanging out, playin' with sidewalk chalk!] but I always seem to find some sort of inspiration to use when I scrap. Love it!

Those ZING colors are fantabulous! [And it makes me feel even better to know that other people find random supplies either on their desks or on the floor to use on layouts! Whew...thought it was just me!]


I think my favorite part of summer is just being able to go out and spend time in my garden.

Diana A

summer is for picnics and water fun!


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