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February 23, 2009



Thanks for the tip of lifting the drawers up off the desk.
I have some of those same plastic drawers--I need more.


Very nice! thanks for sharing :)

Jeannette P

Wow you have a LOT of stuff to keep organized. It's no wonder you say you have trouble taking the time to get everything ship shape. Thanks for sharing. I think you did a nice job. A little color & a few other inspirational things & you should have your 'studio' that you want. I don't think you are far off from it.


Wow! This is beautiful and inspiring. You have an amazing amount of stuff & have corralled it well. My favorite tip is the Quickutz dies in the drawer organizers. I will be making that shift today.


You make me envious! I don't have a room but I do need to get organized so that I can find what I want when I want it LOL. Someday when I do have a room (at least that is what I keep telling myself.) congrats on the move to Quickutz I love that company.

Angela W

WoW! I need you to come and organize my space! LOL!

Amanda Pickup

You mentioned you loved the little Making Memories bins but haven't been able to find any for awhile--I was at Archivers in Orem on Saturday, and they had about 12 on one of their shelves closer to the back towards the stamps and other scrapbooking totes and containers. Just in case you wanted more. :)
I guess I kind of assume you live in Utah, if not, sorry for the assumption-but I did see some in Archivers and thought you may want to know. :)

Kim K.

Thanks for the tour. Great space.

laura vegas

i always LOVE seeing other scrappers workspaces! i could look at pics like this and read storage details all day long. lol! thanks for sharing!


Love your space - I have the white drawers as well, thought not quite so many. You gave me lots of ideas about better organizing my things. The more spaces we see, the more ideas we get. Thanks for sharing yours.


Oooooh! La! La!!! Kerri!!! I love the room! Looks good enough to "mess up" again!!! hee.hee. What fun it would be to see it first hand--fun in every nook and cranny. You and Lisa Bearnson...great scrap spaces!!!


I love to look at others' scrap spaces and just think about the possibilities for my own space. Thanks for sharing!!

Janet Meyerhoffer

I love it! I'm so glad someone else has as much "stuff" as me. It's kinda scary how much "stuff" I do have. At least yours is organized. I wanted to take your page challenge, but with Fremont High School Hockey State Championship game, (YEAH!) Celine Dion concert and a Utah Jazz game there just ain't no time. Hopefully next time. :)

ruth in paradise

love your space. it's great to see that even my fav scrap celeb uses some of the same storage products as i do such as the white drawers. mines are the smaller black ones due to my space.


I have a scrap room -- it is just that right now -- scrappy -- after seeing yours -- I need to go clean!! What a beautiful space to create -- you are very lucky to have it.


Ooooohhhh... I love your space. One day, I will be out of my little corner in my bedroom and have a lovely room like yours. Good luck with your new job!


You organize how I envision myself to be..Don't have a room but a corner of the room..someday. Next time we buy a house, I am hoping to get a room where I can organize it how I want.

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