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October 17, 2008


mary bartolotta

I'm going to guess Scotland...and I am in Savannah, GEorgia

Cindy B. in Montana

I'm guessing Italy...maybe the coastal region of Tuscany?


Definitely Europe. I'm going to guess Spain. Barcelona maybe? Have fun! It looks BEAUTIFUL!
Samantha in Boston, MA

Vania Swinford

Wild guess here, maybe Scotland?

New Braunfels, Texas


New Hampshire
Patricia in Minnesota

Michelle A.

I will have to say... England! Hope your having fun!!

Michelle in New York

Kris Finnerty

My guess is you are at the Cape

Louisville, KY



I want to say Ireland or Scotland.
I've been to Nova Scotia and don't remember the rocky cliffs...I know I could be wrong....hoping I'm not. ha.
Wherever it is, it's just gorgeous!!!


Lynn M

Here's a wild guess...Wales. Where ever you are have a great time.


I'm going to guess Victoria in Canada...

Marie in Monmouth, OR


Dingle Ireland


I'm going to go with Cape Cod... looks beautiful wherever it may be! Shelly J in Medina, OH


My guess would have to be Ireland. What beautiful photos! Wherever you are, I am sure you are having a terrific time!
Sandy, Utah

Angela Stewart

My guess is upstate New York... hope I'm in the "ballpark"!

Angela, West Jordan, UT

Karen F.

I'm going to say Half Moon Bay California, maybe even further south like Carmel or Monterey . . . am I close?
Karen in Hollister, CA


Hi Kerri! I'm guessing Cornwall in southwestern England.

Lara in Illinois

Frances C.

My guess is Ireland...where ever you are it is beautiful!

Frances C.
Sharpsburg, GA

Kellie Smith

I think you are in Kennebunkport Maine. Wherever you are, have a wonderful time. It looks beautiful.

Kellie Smith

I think you are in Kennebunkport, Maine. Wherever you are, have a great time. It looks beautiful.

Albuquerque, NM

Linda R

My guess is Cape Cod? It looks beautiful where ever it is!
Fort Collins, CO

Nancy N

I'm going to guess the coast of Maine. Your pictures are breath taking!

Nicole Mantooth

I am guessing somewhere in England maybe? Where ever it is, it is beautiful.

Nicole Mantooth

I am guessing somewhere in England maybe? Where ever it is, it is beautiful.

bonnie l.

I am going to say you are in Ireland.

Have a great vacation!

Amy M

I am going to have to guess Scottland or Finland somewhere in that area.

Amy M in Kansas

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