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August 18, 2008


Terri Bradford

Your girls look so sweet! :) My son starts tomorrow... 6th grade (my one and only). Time DOES fly by. Got his locker on Thursday and he is set to go. I'm not though... summer was way too short.

I would love to win a kit. I already bought one, but have plans for a second one. I showed it on scrapclubs.com the month it debuted. Cool stuff! :)

Deb Taub

My 8 year old daughter started back to school today -- and my 14 year old starts on Tuesday. How can the summer be over already? And when did these kids get to be so big?????

Cool kit!


Oh...I love this kit! Thanks for the try!


YAY for summer being over! My DD just started Kindergarten and was so anxious to start that she pestered me all summer with "is it August yet?". She LOVES school and I'm so glad.

Thanks for the contest.

heather jarrett

I woulld love to win one of these kits. I feel just like you. My oldest is starting school this year and I keep thinking, when did this happen? I blinked and suddenly he's all grown up. Just wishing they could stay little forever. Hope the next stage is as fun as this one has been.

Shannon Van Sluytman

Thanks for a chance to win. My kids don't start back to school until the day after Labor Day, and since I homeschool them, it is a little different for us, but the same feelings of my how they've grown fits us all. Would love to win the kit, I've done some traveling and wonder how it would work with coins from different countries to go with the photos.

Thanks again.

Lacie Bergeson

I LOVE this kit! I have been debating weather or not to get it and I think it is awesome! I want to gather pennies from my first 10 years of marraige and reflect on the "major" event that happened that year! I love Stacy Jullian's creations and the way she thinks!(especially about this wonderful hobby!) Thanks for the chance at owning this cute kit!


My kiddos start back to school Monday... I'm excited and sad all at the same time. The kit is awesome!

Karen G

The days do fly by don't they. I homeschool and I remember how hard that decision was and it has been 7 years now. No way. Have a great trip to WY.

Brianna Taylor

This kit looks great! I have seen so many ideas for it, and would love to have one!

Trace Geworsky

You are right...That kit looks AMAZING!!!! WOW!!!!!
Trace G

Julie McD

We're at the end of the Summer Rush and desperately trying to squeeze in some last minute fun! Great giveway - I missed this one, so it would be awesome to win!

Teresa Kennedy

Your girls look great and ready for school. I have three boys and they are all going to school full time this year.... Wow what a change that will be, as well as our 10th wedding anniversary is the day before school starts so it should be a fun weekend for sure. The boys love going back to school shopping for backpacks and such... I am hoping to take some great pictures to add to the ones I have done for previous years. Hope your girls have a wonderful year!

The kit looks amazing! How cool would it be for you to put 10 years of schooling in there for your daughter!

Lisa Bracale

Life does go by quick. My two start next Monday 5th and 2nd grade-yikes seems like only yesterday it was Kindergarten.

Have fun on your trip.

Lisa in DE


Thanks for the chance to win!! I love what both Stacy and Candice did -- mini album was quite clever.


My baby brother is a senior this year and that is so weird to me. My parents decided to screw us all up and adopt 2 1/2 year old twins, so I guess he's not my baby brother anymore.

This kit is awesome. If I don't win I definately want to buy one!!!

MaryRuth Francks

would love to win!!!

beautiful girls!!


My girls are in their second full week of school. So far, so good. Hopefully, it will continue to be good. Thanks for the chance to win the kit. It looks awesome!

Erin Taylor

I love this kit! Such a cute concept. Stacy Julian is simply amazing :-)
Erin Taylor.


Yay for giveaways! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such an awesome kit! (And cute too!)

andrea f

My oldest started kindergarten a month ago (year round school). Such a bitter sweet time of year!

Would love to win one of these kits! Thanks for a chance to win.


I have been wanting to make this album! It's such a cool idea.
I hate that kids are already heading back to school. It just seems to early to go back in the middle of August. I don't have to worry about it for a few more years, but I have a feeling that I will react like my Mama did when school started. She cried every fall because she loved so much having us home for the summer.


Thanks! I hope I win.

Angela Stewart

I can't believe summer is over! Time really does fly.

I love Stacy's kit - she is ever so creative. I would love to win win win it!!!

Becky in VA

This kit looks great. I already know what years I'd do if I win one. Thanks for the chance!!

Time really does fly. I hope you enjoy this school year with them!

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