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August 19, 2009


Jenn in MO (scrapinstl)

Oooo....I'm totally going to need to check those out. I love the large rounded corners and when I first saw the pic, I wondered where you were able to find a corner rounder that big - LOL!!

Heather Crawford

I'm confused..where are you getting those photo mats from? Are you creating them with the shape tools? When you say "bring up a photo mat"..that confused me? Thanks!


Thanks for asking, Heather. I was just as confused! Are they part of the release for next week?

Melanie K.

And just to be sure, the photos are adhered on the BACK side, correct? The cardstock is cut and then the photos 'peep' thru?


Hey guys! Just wanted to say that yes, the photos go under the mat and all these new photo mats are in the release that comes out next week. I did add the Aug. 27 at the beginning of the post when I saw Heather's question, but I'll also add the part about the photos.

Sorry, it's just when I'm trying to get through so much information, sometimes, small little details get forgotten. :)

Thanks for keeping me in check!

Kim Ket.

LOVING those photo mats. Gotta get some. :) And I like your layout as is!

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